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Ivy Trace - Greencastle IN
815 Tacoma Dr., Greencastle IN 46135
"Catered Living" at Ivy Trace is having your own apartment in a small facility in a quiet residential neighborhood. Fifteen ground floor apartments, with interior entryways make accessibility to your apartment easy and safe. Although your new home offers the privacy and comfort of living room with a kitchenette, bedroom, and attractive safety-appointed bathroom, you can also enjoy the company of others at all three daily home-cooked meals in our beautiful dining room or visiting and entertainment in our Community Living Room. Looking for a safe, home setting for a friend or relative? Our friendly 24-hour staff takes care of the work and worry of living alone."
Ivy Trace, Danville Indiana 337 W. Lincoln St., Danville, IN 46122

"The attention to detail in every aspect
of my mother’s care has been extraordinary."

"Ivy Trace provides individualized attention to the amount of activity my mother needs to ensure she feels like she is leading a full life. The beauty of the smaller facility is that the staff is able to interact constantly with the residents and give individualized attention. I know mother receives attention to her needs emotionally; the staff members care and sense when she needs to talk or lean on someone.

Ivy Trace employs excellent staff who care deeply about serving those needing assisted living including a wonderful cook who goes above and beyond in serving delicious meals and providing additional friendly contact and interaction.

All I have witnessed assures me that this is the best assisted living facility I have ever seen. Having seen the care given in other facilities, Ivy Trace cannot be excelled for the love, care and individualized attention. I know everyone would receive the same care my mother receives.

She is very happy there and continues to tell me she made the right decision by moving there. Small, yes, but the size makes it a fabulous choice for individualized attention and care.”    Pat B., Greencastle IN

General Directions to Ivy Trace Greencastle:
One mile North and One half mile East of the courthouse square.   See Map

General Directions to Ivy Trace Danville:
One Half mile South and 2 blocks west of the courthouse square.   See Map

Feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion of need,
Phone: Danville, 317.718.7592 or Greencastle, 765.653.6900
Or E-mail:
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